Generic Class Reference Following are the custom generic classes available with the template and can be used alongside with any elements. To modify or delete, please refer 'generic.less'

Margin eg: <div class="m-10 m-b-0"><div>


.m-0 .m-5 .m-10 .m-15 .m-20 .m-25

Margin Top

.m-t-0 .m-t-5 .m-t-10 .m-t-15 .m-t-20 .m-t-25

Margin Right

.m-r-0 .m-r-5 .m-r-10 .m-r-15 .m-r-20 .m-r-25

Margin Bottom

.m-b-0 .m-b-5 .m-b-10 .m-b-15 .m-b-20 .m-b-25

Margin Left

.m-l-0 .m-l-5 .m-l-10 .m-l-15 .m-l-20 .m-l-25

Text Color eg: <div class="c-blue"><div>

.c-red .c-pink .c-purple .c-deeppurple .c-indigo .c-blue .c-lightblue .c-cyan .c-teal .c-green .c-lightgreen .c-lime .c-yellow .c-amber .c-orange .c-deeporange .c-brown .c-gray .c-bluegray .c-black .c-white


Text Align eg: <div class="text-center"><div>

.text-center .text-right .text-left .text-justify

Image replacement eg: <div class="text-hide"><div>

Utilize the .text-hide class or mixin to help replace an element's text content with a background image.


Text Transform eg: <div class="text-uppercase"><div>

.text-uppercase .text-lowercase .text-capitalize

Padding eg: <div class="p-10 p-b-0"><div>


.p-0 .p-5 .p-10 .p-15 .p-20 .p-25

Padding Top

.p-t-0 .p-t-5 .p-t-10 .p-t-15 .p-t-20 .p-t-25

Padding Right

.p-r-0 .p-r-5 .p-r-10 .p-r-15 .p-r-20 .p-r-25

Padding Bottom

.p-b-0 .p-b-5 .p-b-10 .p-b-15 .p-b-20 .p-b-25

Padding Left

.p-l-0 .p-l-5 .p-l-10 .p-l-15 .p-l-20 .p-l-25

Background Color eg: <div class="bgm-blue"><div>

To see the color previews, please head on to colors.html

.bgm-red .bgm-pink .bgm-purple .bgm-deeppurple .bgm-indigo .bgm-blue .bgm-lightblue .bgm-cyan .bgm-teal .bgm-green .bgm-lightgreen .bgm-lime .bgm-yellow .bgm-amber .bgm-orange .bgm-deeporange .bgm-brown .bgm-gray .bgm-bluegray .bgm-black .bgm-white

Float eg: <div class="pull-right"><div>

.pull-right .pull-left

Visibility eg: <div class="hidden"><div>

.show - display:block;

.hidden - display:none; visibility:hidden;

.invisible - visibility: hidden;